Himalayan 100% Arabica Ground CoffeeHimalayan 100% Arabica Ground Coffee

Himalayan 100% Arabica Ground Coffee

AED 32


100% Arabica, Grade A, Single Origin, Specialty coffee, Wet Processed, hand-picked, shade grown.

Origin – Himalayas

Altitude – 1500 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level)

Aroma – Citrus, Cinnamon Ginger, Floral.
Our Himalayan Green Coffee Beans will enhance your coffee experience. This 100% Arabica, A grade coffee is grown from single rootstocks in the Himalayas. These beans are carefully chopped and steamed, giving the coffee its unique flavor and aroma. Grown in the shade in a low carbon environment, benefit from abundant snow water, at an altitude of 1500 MASL, a unique journey is promised for your cup Protect yourself with our beautiful white inner bag and get a view of the Himalayas.

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200 gms

Please select grind level

Grind suitable for pour over / french press, Grind suitable for Espresso


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